Sunday, June 26, 2011

Bowie's Baby Shower

Today was Bowie's baby shower!

We had Clementine's baby shower when I was just under 8 months pregnant, I'm 9 months pregnant this time around but I wore the same dress again. It's hard to feel confident in clothes when you look like a sack of potatoes in everything you put on, so I really didn't want to go through the drama of shopping for something new to wear this far along in my pregnancy. I didn't try it on first (which I should have) I just assumed that since I was so much bigger last time that it would fit again, but a 9 month belly is a whole different monster than an 8 month belly no matter what size you are, and it's not even a maternity dress to begin with so it's not meant for any kind of bump really.

it was a bit snug in the belly, but I was lucky that it fit at all.

took this on my mom's webcam while getting ready
put my long weave in for added confidence 

cake table


baby cakes

baby boy mints

lurking behind my balloons
Clementine hogging all the leis 
Clementine helped me open all the gifts

Monkey butt jams

Big sister and little brother outfits! Clementine was stoked about these!
Me, my girlfriends, and all of our nuggets!
It was a really great day! I was kind of nervous about it because I'm somewhat reclusive and don't do well in large social settings, but it ended up being a very small group of people who I love dearly so I felt really comfortable.

Now it's time for more chocolate covered strawberries and some TRUE BLOOD! :D


  1. We had Rowans (2nd) shower today! I didn't take any pictures myself but Sara took some and my SIL took some. I do horrible in large social settings, and I didn't know half the people there!

    We had chocolate covered strawberries with cream cheese filling, but they got eaten and I didn't get any D:

    Looks like you had fun!

  2. the party looks great, and i'm so excited for you!! almost there! <3

  3. To be honest I would have much rather had a small baby shower. I don't really like big parties very much either. It looks great though and the cupcakes look PERFECT! :)

    Oh Jazmyn

  4. My babyshower was really small too. I had five friends (and the kids!) and it was so nice as I was able to relax rather than make conversation with a lot of people. I'm awful in big social settings too. I prefer a close-knit group!

    The dress looks lovely on you. And I completely agree with not buying anything at this late stage. I have to squeeze my 9 month bump in to a lot now, but it's not worth buying anything else when I could be in labour any minute!

    Tess xx

  5. you look so beautiful! i mean, really. i have two little boys, but i'd get pregnant again if i meant i got to be a gorgeous preggo like you. :)

  6. Yay K! It's almost time :D

  7. bowie bounty! is he out YET???

  8. i love that you wore the same dress! cute!
    love you!

  9. Sooooo cute! You look gorgeous!! <3<3<3

  10. Sorry, I've been lurking your tumblr for awhile, my sister linked me to you and she told me how adorable you are, which is so true! you look great!! He'll be here so soon!!!


  11. you so pretty mama! sorry we missed it :( we can't wait to meet that nugget!!! call us lady when he is pooped out and then we can drink champagne, wear our marina shirts and skate around :D

    loves you too!


  12. same the word lady and i can be there at your bed side at the hospital with a 6 pack and sushi! hehehehe lets plan a craft drinking night once that baby comes out! its the girls turn to get crazy drunk and the boys turn to watch the nuggets! tom needs some practice if he wants a nugget of his own ;D

  13. You are so gorgeous!! I love your hair and dress, and you look fab preggers! :)

    Hope you have a lovely weekend!

    Ps. Found you via CItybird!

  14. Wow Bowie is really taking his time in there isn't he!! The shower looks like such fun, you look wonderful as always! Hope you enjoyed True Blood - I'm loving having Eric back on my screen ;) xx