Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Father's Day!

I woke up early to make Boz breakfast in bed, but he ended up getting up even earlier than me to watch golf so I made him breakfast on couch instead. Eggs over easy, bacon, toast, and a lemonade rock star.

Since my car is still being a total butt around noon we loaded up into my dads truck and headed out to the coast!

We stopped along the way at Boz's favorite fish and chips place for lunch.

Candy and Kites

Due to budget cuts all of the beach parking lots were closed so we had to park on the street. My dyslexic brain read the NO PARKING sign wrong thinking it said "no parking Monday-Friday" when it was really "Friday-Monday" so we ended up with a parking ticket. But I guess I wasn't the only dummy since there was a row of probably 30 cars all parked on the same street with tickets tucked under their windshield wipers.

Boz and Sid dog singing together

Flying kites

Boz calls the holes they dig together "the baby sitter"

If anyone walks by she yells out "Help me! I'm buried ALIVE!"

Here I am being too pregnant to function 

I swear I was smiling on the inside :)

After the beach we drove out to Boz's Dad's house where we had the most amazing fruit salad FULL of STRAWBERRIES! I died. Then we went out to the pond in their backyard and did some fishing.

Clementine caught some sticks

I woke up today so swollen I could hardly move, and I'm spitting up blood. I have no idea what's going on so Boz is taking me to the doctors. Fingers crossed that all is well! Pregnancy is fun.

We're back from the doctors! Everything is fine. I just need to be careful about overheating and just overdoing it in general. Bowie should be here any day now!


  1. I'm glad Boz's father's day was good but I really hope you're alright! I'll send good thoughts your way
    Love and Turtledoves,

  2. i hope you are alright sweetie! ♥

  3. to me any degree of pregnant is too pregnant to function! i don't know how you do it. i hope that everything's ok and that bowie gets the eff outta you ASAP!

  4. hope you're okay kelly anne. <3 it sounds rough. i bet you're anxious to get the pregnancy over with.

    i love the pictures, also. the beach is so beautiful!

  5. looks like you all had an amazing day, hopefully you are ok and baby bowie too! keep us updated

    shel xx

  6. glad you are okay!!!! you poor mama!!


  7. Love how you and Clementine match. I hope for your sake Bowie shows up soon!

  8. i was really hoping you would have bowie for this weekend so he could be a wonderful gift (along with you and clementine ofcourse!) for boz's on fathers day! but im glad you got to enjoy the day too!
    i got so scared when i first read about you coughing up blood but glad to know youre all okk now! :D