Sunday, July 31, 2011

I'm up every two hours during the night feeding little Bowie man, and it gets pretty lonely just sitting there in the dark by myself, so I've been keeping myself busy by making little wishlists online.

Last night I was on

I try to make my wishlists somewhat reasonable, not just listing everything I love on each site but what I would actually buy if I was able.

So the very first thing I saw when I opened lulus was this dress:

it's pretty much everything I look for in a dress. Fitted in the bust, flowy in the skirt, and I adore the color combination. LOVE IT!

This ring! My sister-in-law Kiki and I were desperately looking for geode rings while shopping in mexico on my Disney wedding cruise, but couldn't find anything we loved. This is pretty much exactly what I was looking for.

There are few things I love more than wearable sparkles! This dress! I die. I love that it has half sleeves because even when I'm at a normal ~I-didn't-just-have-a-baby-three-weeks-ago~ weight I feel most comfortable with my upper arms covered. I own WAY too many (but still not enough) cardigans because of this.

ohmygod, I can't even handle these. I need them in my life. They're Jeffrey Campbell, and my feet trust Jeffrey. LUST.

That's it! 
There's a ton more stuff that I adore on that site, but if I were actually able to shop right now these are the things I would want. 


  1. I love that glitter dress. I'm not a big dress fan though because pregnancy kind of overdid my boobies and now if I try to get a dress I'd have to get it altered in order for it to fit right. :(

    Oh Jazmyn

  2. i love wish lists! i love receiving items from them even more! <3

  3. ohw , that first dress is ab-so-lute-ly adorable ! (l)

  4. That ring is so cute! Whenever I go to Disney World I go to Mexico and see tons of super cute jewelry that I really, really want but never buy anything 'cause I lose things too much. :(

  5. i love that dress too!! i like my dresses like that, they are so flattering :D that ring is just what i want too and yes that sparkly dress, to die for! if you buy that then i can wear my gold dress and we can go somewhere fancy together...sometimes i think that we were twins separated at birth.... actually i take that back, that is so gross and you know why! eeek ;D

  6. Girl, I think we have similar body image! I own SO MANY cardigans because upper arms are my least comfortable spot. I've totally looked at that dress before.

    Also, that first dress is so lovely.

    (If you can't tell, I'm having cocktails and catching up on my Google Reader tonight. It's good times)