Friday, July 22, 2011

Our Weekend in Pictures!

We had a wonderful weekend! 
Tom and Kiki came up and got to meet baby Bowie man for the first time! Clementine was so excited to see them, and so was I! I wish we lived closer so we could spend more time together. I'm so lucky to be related to my two best friends. 

Bowie is a lucky little man to have such awesome godparents!
They brought us a whole bag full of amazing onesies, shirts and jammies for him but I forgot to take a picture of everything. So much adorable stuff though. 

Kiki brought her giant typewriter with her since she had a craft fair to go to (she uses it to display her treasures) and Clementine was obsessed. She wouldn't leave it alone.

Clementine's typing skills
our faces make me wonder what Clem was up to
The next day we all headed over to my Mom and Dads house to eat some tacos and catch up on our trueblood!

Kiki getting her taco on

my yummy time

super Clementine stuffed herself with olives

Bowie man slept pretty much the whole time.
Sunday was the birthday party of one of my very best friends daughters.
I was having a hard time finding clothes that I felt comfortable in, and I had a mini melt down over it. To help myself feel fresh and pretty I colored my hair and bought myself a new set of false eyelashes.

right before it was time to go I remembered this dress, and it fit PERFECT! I felt amazing in it :3
I woke up feeling pretty good so I decided against taking my morning pain pill so I wouldn't be too loopy for the party. Big mistake. About five minutes after Boz dropped me and the kids off I felt like my c-section was going to split open. I almost called him to come back for me, but I really wanted to see my friends.

My friend Pitty and her daughter Tsunami (who Clementine calls "some yummy") Clem is on the little blue horse
one of my other very best friends Veronica showed up and I was SO lucky she did! She was amazing helping me with Clem and Bowie.
Clem had a blast with bubbles
all of the girls cuddled up together on the floor together to watch Aladdin 
the birthday girl in her birthday tutu

We've been having a nice week hanging out here at the house getting used to having two nuggets to love on instead of just one. Clementine is so in love with her baby brother. I was so worried that this would be hard on her but she seems to be really into the whole thing, which makes me so happy.


  1. Bowie is so cute !

  2. bawww i used to do the finger thing with olives when i was little too :3
    i can't handle the cuteness of clementine and bowie.

  3. clementine's facial expressions KILL ME. i love her little olive fingers. <3

  4. Aw, little Clementine with her olive fingers reminds me of little Amelie with her berry fingers! :)

  5. we wished we lived closer too! clem in her super hero cape was hilarious! miss those nuggets and you you <3


  6. Aww, Clem is getting so big and her hair is sooo long! Jealous!! Plus, you look stunning in that pic of you crocheting on the couch. <3

  7. Kelly, you have no need to worry. You are absolutely GORGEOUS! I mean even in your hospital pictures when you were about to give birth to Bowie you still looked absolutely stunning♥

  8. super cute pics super clem definitely looks like she loves olives lol! i love the video of baby bowie too!

    shel xx

  9. Im so happy for you and your family. Seeing this can be real makes me positive. I can definately say you are my role model Kelly-ann