Thursday, July 14, 2011

Seven Eleven Eleven


The numbers 7 & 11 have always been really lucky in our house.

I was born at 7:11pm
my Mom was born at 11:07am
my parents were re married on 11-07
Bowie was born on 7-4-11 at 11pm!

My Mom called me early 7-11-2011 to see if I wanted to walk to 7-Eleven with her and the nuggets for free slurpeeday. YES!

they had both of our favorite flavors! She likes coke, and I like pina colada!
cutie little slurpee
7.11 oz
Then we walked the kids down to the park. It was a really nice day out, actually the last week has been really nice. It's not to hot, but still totally sunny out. My ideal summer weather :3

I brought sand toys for Clementine
Bowie was showing off his dimples
I just want to cuddle him forever
Grandpa and Clementine rode a dinosaur to Disneyland
my sassy little lady
She is such a swing hog! She will seriously make you push her for hours at a time! 
Back at the house Bowie took a quick nap
then we had my mom take some family photos for us
Clemmie loves Bowie

My brother and his beautiful wife Kiki are coming up to visit this weekend! They get to meet little Bowie man for the first time, and give Miss Clementine some much needed aunt and uncle loving.  


  1. Such a beautiful family!! Uhm and is it just me or are the free slurpees getting smaller? Last time I got one I remembered it was the size of the small slurpees lol.

    Oh Jazmyn

  2. whowwww, i love this post!! beijos with love, Maria Clara

  3. i just realized that it wasn't the 11th today.

  4. i love free slurpee day! this is the 1st yr i had to miss it since we dont have a 711 here in KS!

  5. can't wait to squeeze those nuggets!


  6. What a precious family you've got, you lucky lady!
    Lots of Love Momma B xxx

  7. gorgeous family pics! looks like boz has lost weight too

    shel xx

  8. AT first I thought your dog was a koala.

  9. I wish I knew more about this business of your parents being remarried because it sounds like a very interesting story :)

  10. I seriously wish to have a family as wonderfully perfect as yours one day <3