Friday, December 30, 2011


Christmas, man. 
Holidays are the best.

like father like son

Tom and Kiki opening their gifts from the kids

we do hand made gifts for each other, and I made Tom a Steve Buscemi eyes sleep mask and we also thrifted  him an AMAZING coat that I forgot to get a picture of
matching deer hats for the darling deer sisters

Kiki gave me a pair of earrings from her gold rush line and I adore them! They also gave me $50 towards matching diamond tattoos for me and Kiki, and it was all wrapped up in this adorable vintage K scarf.

Tom made the colored paper cutouts of all of us

here we are all together

Clementine is a present opening pro


My Dad used to be a tennis pro, and he got Clem her own tennis racquet and balls and is going to teach her how to play
they tried to teach me when I was a kid, but I think I was more interested in tennis fashion and not so much into the actual sport of it.

Tom and Kiki helping Bowie


we got Bow this little car that drives when you shake the rattle it came with

fancy champagne (which we will hopefully be drinking NYE)

amazing wooden cookie set T&K got for Clem

sharing cookies with daddy

Bowie loves Kiki

getting ready to go to Boz's Mom's

Bow playing with his car

ready to go


Boz's Mom got this dragon for Clem

it was supposed to be an ugly Christmas sweater party, but Boz's mom and I were the only ones who  participated

Christmas crack
Hope you all had an amazing holiday, and a happy new year!


  1. your family is so adorable! and your makeup is gorgeous!

  2. I seriously lost it at the last photo!

    It looks like you guys had a great Christmas and i am in looove with the reindeer hats! <3

  3. Bahahahahahaha! I just took a picture of Finn's plumber's butt like that last night!

    And your dad's shorts in the picture of you guys are amazing, lol~

  4. I LOVE the hats! So beautiful.

  5. Bowie loves me and i love bowie!

  6. everything about this post is so awesome. the picture of boz and bowie sleeping is SO adorable!

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