Friday, December 16, 2011

Toy Story Birthday Party

Clementine's Toy Story Birthday invite

home made and hand painted Clementine birthday banner
Tomorrow is Clementine's birthday, but last Sunday we had Clementine's 3rd birthday party. By request of the birthday girl we had a Toy Story theme, and we really went all out. Pretty much everything was home made by me and my Mom two nights before the party.

I found this toy story themed photobooth on pinterest and thought it was just BRILLIANT and knew we had to have one for our party.

some of our Toy Story photo booth props
All toy story photo booth props were hand painted. The big ones like Buzz Lightyear and Etch A Sketch are done on foam core, and the smaller props were painted on the backs of cereal boxes, cut out, and hot glued to wooden dowels.

Clementine testing out some of the props the night before her party

I made 2 dozen red velvet and 2 dozen strawberry cupcakes

Toy Story nails

Every year for Clementine's birthday (and also her baby shower) we decorate this little white Christmas tree to the theme of her party.

the cake table

some of her toy story cupcakes. I did Clem sheriff stars, Jessie the cowgirl hats, and big number 3's all made in melted chocolate.

her face is priceless


first birthday bite
Mommy and the Birthday girl

group hug
Pitty and myself. We've been bff since my first day of school when I first moved to this town in fourth grade.

My other bff Shannon. She's been there for me through so much, I can't imagine life with out her.

Me and one of my online bff's Steph. We met in an online community for pregnant ladies due in December 2008

me and nemo

Serious coloring circle

my handsome men

proud parents

the photobooth

Boz and his buddies

my daddy

I'm Mrs. Nesbitt

Clementine and her BFF

Boz's Dad and step Mom

my Mommy

The proud parents

My lady friends Sha and Shannon

me and some of my best girls

Clemmie buns

Clemmie and her BFF again


Me and my Mommy. The Mrs. Potato Head ears didn't get used enough.
The party was a huge success. It was a lot of work getting everything ready for it but it was totally worth it. The photobooth was so much fun and it got everybody involved. I don't feel right posting pictures of other peoples kids so you can't really tell from these pictures, but there were a TON of kids there and they all got along so well! I didn't hear any fights the whole day.
I think Clementine will be talking about this party for years to come.


  1. BEST. MOM. EVER!!!

    It looks like such an awesome party I'm sure Clem will have fond memories of it for years and years to come xoxo

  2. SO amazing! You and all of your friends and your family have pretty much the best genes ever. Srsly, HOW U ALL BE SO PRETTY?

  3. Wow! Your kids are lucky to have a mom who is so into making birthdays that are super memorable and awesome like this! Thanks for sharing the pictures, it all looks so lovely.

    -Samantha-Anne {}

  4. Aww I can't believe she's 3 already! Happy birthday Clementine!! Looks like it was amazing! :)

    Love Jazmyn

  5. You guys make me smile SO much<3
    I hope Clemnugget has the best birthday. Harry and I send all the love and hugs for her special day. We wish we could be there to see you all!


  6. Aw Happy Birthday Clementine! :) You are the best mum ever as that party looks amazing! xo

  7. Aww mama it looks awesome! Tom and i were pretty bummed we couldnt make it. See you soon my love. Miissyourface.

  8. What an amazing party! I've been waiting for this post. Can't wait to start throwing birthday parties for my little one <3

  9. You are the most super super mom ever! I can just imagine your kids being all grown up and remembering what a fantastical childhood they had! :3

  10. What an amazing party. You and your mom really went all out and made it one of a kind. I love it so much!

    Xoxo, Mary from ♥ ♥

  11. This is so fantastic! You are insanely creative and everything looked wonderful. I'm sure she such a great time. :)

  12. Do you have templates you can share for the photo booth items? I am having a toy story party at the end of the month.