Sunday, June 26, 2011

Bowie's Baby Shower

Today was Bowie's baby shower!

We had Clementine's baby shower when I was just under 8 months pregnant, I'm 9 months pregnant this time around but I wore the same dress again. It's hard to feel confident in clothes when you look like a sack of potatoes in everything you put on, so I really didn't want to go through the drama of shopping for something new to wear this far along in my pregnancy. I didn't try it on first (which I should have) I just assumed that since I was so much bigger last time that it would fit again, but a 9 month belly is a whole different monster than an 8 month belly no matter what size you are, and it's not even a maternity dress to begin with so it's not meant for any kind of bump really.

it was a bit snug in the belly, but I was lucky that it fit at all.

took this on my mom's webcam while getting ready
put my long weave in for added confidence 

cake table


baby cakes

baby boy mints

lurking behind my balloons
Clementine hogging all the leis 
Clementine helped me open all the gifts

Monkey butt jams

Big sister and little brother outfits! Clementine was stoked about these!
Me, my girlfriends, and all of our nuggets!
It was a really great day! I was kind of nervous about it because I'm somewhat reclusive and don't do well in large social settings, but it ended up being a very small group of people who I love dearly so I felt really comfortable.

Now it's time for more chocolate covered strawberries and some TRUE BLOOD! :D

Friday, June 24, 2011

Clementina Ballerina

I've been having medical issues (bad bloody noses, and blacking out) due to being hugely pregnant in the summer heat, so Clementine and I have been staying at my parents house where they have air conditioning.

My little pirate said she found a "gold doubloon"

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Nautical Nails

they chipped a little bit before I got the chance to photograph them. :{

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Father's Day!

I woke up early to make Boz breakfast in bed, but he ended up getting up even earlier than me to watch golf so I made him breakfast on couch instead. Eggs over easy, bacon, toast, and a lemonade rock star.

Since my car is still being a total butt around noon we loaded up into my dads truck and headed out to the coast!

We stopped along the way at Boz's favorite fish and chips place for lunch.

Candy and Kites

Due to budget cuts all of the beach parking lots were closed so we had to park on the street. My dyslexic brain read the NO PARKING sign wrong thinking it said "no parking Monday-Friday" when it was really "Friday-Monday" so we ended up with a parking ticket. But I guess I wasn't the only dummy since there was a row of probably 30 cars all parked on the same street with tickets tucked under their windshield wipers.

Boz and Sid dog singing together

Flying kites

Boz calls the holes they dig together "the baby sitter"

If anyone walks by she yells out "Help me! I'm buried ALIVE!"

Here I am being too pregnant to function 

I swear I was smiling on the inside :)

After the beach we drove out to Boz's Dad's house where we had the most amazing fruit salad FULL of STRAWBERRIES! I died. Then we went out to the pond in their backyard and did some fishing.

Clementine caught some sticks

I woke up today so swollen I could hardly move, and I'm spitting up blood. I have no idea what's going on so Boz is taking me to the doctors. Fingers crossed that all is well! Pregnancy is fun.

We're back from the doctors! Everything is fine. I just need to be careful about overheating and just overdoing it in general. Bowie should be here any day now!

Sunday, June 19, 2011

Crafting With Kiki

We got up early on Friday to get ready for CRAFT NIGHT WITH KIKI! I was so excited the whole night before I hardly got any sleep! ...Actually, I didn't get much sleep because I was having contractions all night. I almost had Boz take me to the hospital because it got so painful, but still. 

Boz entertained Clementine in her room while I got dressed.

When Tom and Kiki got to our place I gave Kiki her belated birthday present (a crochet Bow and and a gold bike necklace) and the group of us decided to go to the grocery store to get stuff for dinner and booze for the boys so they would stay entertained while Kiki and I got our craft on.

Unfortunately my car wouldn't start. :\

We tried to jump it, but it just wasn't happening, so we had to cram everyone plus Clementine's car seat into Boz's tiny '87 Honda.

I got myself a strawberry plant! :3
Kiki wanted one too, but she was worried that the squirrels that live around her house would get to it.

Back home Boz cooked us turkey burgers and sweet potato fires!

What a man, what a man, what a man, what a mighty good man.

and we had some crafty lady time!

Clementine helped Kiki with her bead making

her time was paid for in kisses

(I know it's hard to tell because of the tent I'm wearing, but I'm actually nine months pregnant and ready to pop at any second. I'm not normally this globular in the belly or blessed in the bust.)

After bead making we got to hooking, and the men got to drinking...

Boz's koozie has a whistle on it

They got so drunk they couldn't even finish one song.

But Clementine was an amazing leading lady. 

Things got a little silly after that. 
There were hungover boys sleeping all over my floor when I got up the next day. Kiki made chicken and waffles to help soak up the booze and I'm told that they were pretty amazing! 
Us girls had bananas and waffles. Yum!

I'm probably going to be updating every day for the next few days because I have lots of pictures to share. Father's day, some new crafty type projects, and nails! So be on the lookout for those if you're interested.

p.s. You should check out Kiki's Etsy shop citybirds! She has the most darling owl jewelry listed right now! I love it.