Wednesday, November 30, 2011


carving the bird
Taking a quick break from my etsy work to update about one of the greatest holidays ever.


Thanksbacon started three years ago when Clementine was just a tiny baby. With all of our extended families loving us so much, Tom & Kiki and Boz & I don't get to spend a whole lot of holiday time together, and it can get a little hectic trying to divide up our time between so many families. The kids get stressed and over stimulated, and Boz and I always end up fighting. So one year we decided to just do our own thing. No more spending the whole day driving from house to house to house to house, never really getting a chance to relax and enjoy each other. Now we pick one house and if people want to come see us they are more than welcome to... and we get to keep all the leftovers! 

Tom and Kiki came up Wednesday night so we could celebrate Tom's birthday:
Tom and Boz getting their whiskey on
Kiki and I drank pecan pie martini's!
Pecan Pie Martini
2 ounces Praline pecan liqueur
1.5 ounces caramel cream liqueur
1.5 ounces bourbon
.5 ounce Torani caramel syrup
1 ounce heavy cream
rim with brown sugar

Clementine made strawberry cupcakes for everyone
Clementine sitting in Bowie's bumbo chair enjoying her hard work
another ThanksBacon tradition is me kicking Kiki's butt at Mario party. Here's Boz putting fresh batteries in all the wii controllers.
the next morning Boz got up early to make a cozy bacon sweater for our bird and start the cookin'
bacon bird

counter top covered in ingredients
the ladies all dressed up

creepy smiles
Boz's little brother Sean came to bacon with us this year
taking pictures of taking pictures

Kiki making and amazing mix of Veggies

two of my most favoritest people

Can't cook without a giant bottle of champagne!

pro chefs

Kiki sneaking some stuffing? She would.
A bacon bird is a thing of beauty

Boz loves bacon bird
my kids are cuddle bugs
Boz burnt his thumb pretty bad so I got to carve the bird this year!

proud mama
loading up the plates

a master piece of turkey fort
I want to go to there
stuffed boys

little bow beard
a few hours of digestion later it was time for pie
then we were all in a turkey coma 

hope all of you who celebrated had an amazing time!
Happy Holidays everyone!

Sunday, November 27, 2011

Sunday Obsessions

I'm uploading all of our Thanksbacon weekend pictures right now, so I'll probably post about that tomorrow. While we're waiting I have pictures of some treasure I bought this weekend that I'm really excited about! 

I've always wanted a super sparkly dress to wear on NYE but have never found the perfect one. Sequins are HOT right now, so there are shiny dresses everywhere! I walked into forever21, took a big step back away from the glitter section, and picked the shiniest dress I could see. It's like wearing a dico ball and I love it.

This dress is also from forever21. It looks a lot like an american apparel dress that I had been wanting  and is really cute on.

I was really stoked when I found this cardigan. I had been wanting a vintage style varsity cardigan for a while, and this one is so cozy. It looks a little wrinkly here because I've been wearing it nonstop since I bought it.
wearing my new dress and cardigan

we went to ross looking for some new running shoes for me since mine fell apart, and I fell in love with these babies. They're SO comfortable! I also bought some pink running shoes, but they're not super exciting so I didn't take a picture of them.

we got Clem some pink chucks

Christmas outfits for both kids. That clip on tie for Bowie, I die.

Boz was going to get me a new pair of glitter litas for my birthday, but I fell in love with Tom and Kiki's point and shoot while they were here and sine mine is on it's last leg we decided that this would probably be a better investment for me than shoes.  It should be here in a little over a week, just in time for Clementine's third birthday party!

Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Katy Perry

Dress and cardigan: Morbid Threads
Shoes: Forever 21
 Monday night I went to a Katy Perry concert with some of my lady friends and it was AMAZING! I had a bit of a melt down before hand trying to figure out something to wear since a lot of my pre pregnancy clothes still don't fit, but I found this dress that I wore to a homecoming dance my sophomore year of highschool packed away in a space saver bag in my closet and it fit great! SCORE!

it's about an hour long drive to Oakland, so we were happy to get there


I look like some kind of giant glamazon here, which is funny to me considering I'm only 5'4"

one shot of mango vodka each before we headed in

We met this guy dressed as a Pee in VaGee outside. Security wouldn't let him in because of his costume, but eventually they gave up and he was permitted to enter.

Ellie Goulding opened 

we were dancing in our seats and singing along

light up cotton candy!

the cotton cadieless rainbow stick

Katy singing on a platform with aerial acrobatics behind her

the stage was incredible

more aerial acrobatics 

singing on a swing

this was my favorite moment in the show

singing on a pink cloud floating over the audience
it was such a good time and I'm really glad I went. 

Tom and Kiki are coming over tonight so we can all do Thanksbacon together tomorrow and I'm crazy excited. We got all the fixings to make pecan pie martinis and I'm really looking forward to trying them.