Sunday, January 29, 2012

Happy Birthday Boz!

My darling husband is 30 today! 
He is actually out playing in a big disc golf tournament today, so we celebrated by going out to dinner together on Friday, and we will be having all of our friends together for a joint birthday party this coming Friday because my birthday on the 6th! I'll be turning 24 for the fourth time. 24 4.0

Here's what I wore to Boz's birthday dinner:
(I have a bunch of pictures because I found my gorillapod and was excited to use it :3)

up on the kitchen counter, because why not? :)

Daisy Hair Clip: DIY
Dress: Forever 21
Socks: Target
Litas: Nasty Gal

We dropped the kids off at Boz's Mom's house and went out to the 
Occidental Bistro Des Copains
we started with oyster rockefeller

Boz had Daube de Boeuf à la Provençale
(boneless-beef short rib braised in red wine with onions, olives & carrots served in a cocotte)

And I had Ravioli à la betterave
(roasted red beet and redwood hill farm goat cheese ravioli with chard and orange basil butter sauce)

I want to go to there, again.

they were hot ass pink inside

I made Boz a little Ice King plush, and the kids made a card for him.
We split a bottle of Anderson Valley Roederer Estate champagne
and for dessert we had some sort of chocolate amazing, I think it was called Mocha Crème anglaise something but I can't remember. 
 After dinner we walked across the street to the local bar

The bartender didn't know how to make a chocolate martini so she said I couldn't have one and made me pick a drink from a surprise bag. I ended up with a gummy bear. 

my love

 Back at Boz's Mom's house:
Clementine made birthday seashell soup for Daddy

and Bowie was all kinds of adorable
You are my rock and I love you with my everything.


  1. is that drew barrymore? hehe no seriously, you look sooooooo stinkin cute kelly! i want a daisy clip! i had a blog friend make me one but it broke the instant i put it in my hair and is no longer :(

    HAPPIEST of birthdays to brendan, OLD MAN!!! can't wait to come up and celebrate both your birthdays! i already have my outfit picked out ;D but i still need to gather up more pressies for your sweet ass!

    love you both!

    1. I ruv you.

      This weekend is going to be SUPER FUN GOOD TIMES! I'll make you a daisy clip. I have white and blue daisies if you're interested in a different color. We'll go craft crazy while you're here. I'm super excited!

    2. white but blue does sound nice too hmmmmm i think i'll take white, please :) yes hang over crafting sounds great! good times indeed!

  2. Replies
    1. Clementine says it's very easy to make and it's full of MAGIC!

      Mix seashells in a large bowl with water and place on a cold stove. Stir often.

  3. I love that you say you're turning 24 again! I've been turning 22 for 4 years now... I think next year I may actually be 23 finally! haha

  4. You look like so jolly and precious! Happy birthday to Boz!

  5. ahhh look how cute you are! I LOVE that Ice King plush, too.

  6. I really love your hair that color. It looks fantastic. Happy birthday, Boz!