Sunday, January 15, 2012

Petaluma Wildlife Museum

We took the kids to the Petaluma wildlife museum yesterday and had such a good time!

from their webpage:
The Petaluma Wildlife & Natural Science Museum is a non-profit organization which is operated by high school students.

In 1989, Hugh Codding donated the entire Codding Museum inventory to Petaluma High School instructor Ron Head to create an innovative educational program. Ron's dream was to give high school students career and leadership skills through active participation in an environmental education program. The Petaluma Wildlife Museum facility was built in 1940 as a school bus garage. When the Museum's collection outgrew the confines of Ron's classroom portable, the Codding family helped purchase a new bus garage, freeing the old one to be used as a world-class 9000 square foot wildlife museum. Over the next few years, hundreds of volunteers from every corner of the community donated time and money to construct various dioramas representing habitats from across the world. They also built displays to house mineral collections, poaching artifacts, and the large live animal collection. Today, the Museum houses over 50 species of fish, insects, reptiles, amphibians, and mammals. Thousands of people visit the Museum every year where dozens of high school students provide tours and animal education.

turtle twins

is she not the cutest thing ever?

Bowie too

checking out the fishes

just a giraffe head. no big deal.

black and white argentine tegu named Niña

Clementine's favorite game is Polar Bears and Beluga Whales, where Daddy is the polar bear and Clementine is baby beluga. She wanted to take this picture of herself as a baby polar bear to show Daddy.



they had so many stuffed animals that you could touch

the koala bear :(

all the eggs

hippo skull

more taxidermied animals

even more taxidermied animals and Clementine digging for bones

Clem dug up someones jaw bone


watch out for crocodiles

wild bore

stoner bear

Clemmie checking out a pacman frog


Bowie had a good hold on the lid, and when Granny pulled him away he took the lid with him and I had to quickly get it back on before the rosy tarantula got out D:

more taxidermy

Bowie dusting off some bones

Clemmie digging for bones

giraffe head
it was such a fun day, and I can't wait to go back with Boz.


  1. The jaw looks like Bowie's on the phone!
    "Hey Clemmie, call me on the jaw-phone!"

    The kids are the cutest EVER. Harry and I love you guys SO MUCH!


      I want all of our boys together NOW

  2. Aww! What a fun time.



  3. You guys are so damn cute I can't take it! That place looks like so much fun :) xo

  4. Oh my gosh! Clem and Bowie are almost the same height in the picture looking at the fish! He's definitely going to be tall like his dad!

    1. haha, he is very tall for his age, but Clemmie is actually on her knees there. She is also crazy tall for her age. They're going to dwarf me buy the time they hit puberty. Poor short Mommy.

  5. Your little family really looks great and I'm in love with the cotton candy hair! Amazing!

    1. You calling my hair cotton candy just made me grin from ear to ear. I think I dyed it a little too dark the first time I did it, so I'm excited about the fade :D

  6. Oh my God, this is SO CUTE! Polar bear/beluga sounds adorable!

  7. there is a natural history museum in petaluma? crazy. i love shit like that! when tom and i were registering for the wedding, we thought considerably hard at adding a tiny taxidermy weasel we found at a store in sf to our wedding registry . kelly i cant get over how cute your hair is, you look great and i want your sweater!

  8. oh you have such a beautiful family. This looks like it was such a fun adventure!

    xoxo mama wolf.

    p.s. Your hair is an amazing color!

  9. That koala was not terribly realistic. Probably made of kangaroo fur, though! So soft...
    ~panic_absent (Sarah)

  10. um seriously you guys should be paid to make babies. you are so good at making beautiful ones!!!