Sunday, February 19, 2012

Another Wedding!

the first wives club
So we had another wedding to go to this week. It was actually for the same couple who got married in Tahoe, but this was a bigger party for all of their friends and family.

here's what I wore:



without cardigan

polka dot dress with polka dot tights
hair and makeup 
Daisy hair pins: DIY
Dress and Shoes: Forever21
Cardigan and Tights: Target
Unicorn Pin: a birthday gift from Tom&Kiki

as soon as we walked in the door and ran over to find my girlfriends

so happy

they had these "bookmarks" on the tables as gifts for the guests.
I made sure to thank the groom for the pasties on the way out.
floating wine magic

the cat glasses have become our team mascot 
the men



There was so much rump shaking at the end of the night! I wish I got to dance with all of my beautiful friends more often. My face hurts from smiling so much, and I think my legs hurt more today from dancing than my head does from drinking. ;)


  1. aww you are just the cutest person! I love that dress too, omg

  2. I am definitely checking out Forever 21 for dresses!!

  3. OMG that dress so so cute and I love your daisies! very drew barrymore <333

  4. Smile pain :D best kind of pain haha

  5. You looked absolutely stunning :3

  6. such a cute dress kelly! i love it! oh and that pin is AMAZING, someone really must love you! ;)

  7. Looks like a wonderful time! & your outfit is beyond adorable - I love your hair in the sun. It's such a fantastic color. :)

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