Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Anniversary weekend fun

Mama bear and Papa bear
Boz and I celebrated our six year dating anniversary and our one year wedding anniversary this weekend! All I wanted to do to celebrate was have a day of thrifting and a night of sushi and scary movies, and that's exactly what I got with the added bonus of my brother and my beautiful sister-in-law Kiki coming to visit!

Kiki showing off her coloring skills to the kids
Clemetine made Tom play "handsome princess" with her
When Boz got home from work Friday night he made us all salmon and asparagus while Kiki and I drank root beer floats and danced our buns off with Xboc Kinect Dance Central 2

root beer floats
rump shaking.
Whip My Hair was deceptively difficult.
The next morning we all had breakfast together and watched a dancing show on telemundo called Descontrol. It's kind of like the grind on MTV only it's way better.

After we were all awake, fed, and dressed we drove over to Boz's Dad's house to drop the kids off for the night.

the kids with Boz's step mom Melody.
funny story: The first time a met Melody I spilled some coleslaw on her table during lunch and instead of asking for something to clean it up with I just scooped it up and shoved it in my pockets so she wouldn't think of me as a messy person. Later that evening Boz gave me a hug and I whispered in his ear "I have coleslaw in my pockets..."
he still teases me about it to this day.
they have a bunch of fancy mirrors at their house, so I try to take a mirror picture in a different one whenever we go over there.
after the kids were situated it was THRIFTING TIME!
excited for treasure hunting
at one of the first store we went to I found The Great Mouse Detective for $0.25! I had been looking for it FOREVER so this was a really special score for me!
our thrifted Disney VHS collection so far
at the next store Kiki found these amazing shoes, and I got myself some Peg Bundy leopard print pants!
I found the sweetest little pastel owl and a unicorn on wood for our house

some of the clothes I found. I'm super excited about that butterfly top on the left! I'm going to turn it into the most amazing skirt.
so much treasure!
After all that treasure hunting we were SO HUNGRY so we all went a little ham on some delicious sushi
I want to go to there

full and happy
When dinner was packed tight into our bellies we headed over to the closest movie theater to see The Woman in Black and to our surprise the theater was having a date night special where tickets were only $3 a person! The cherry on top of our thrift-tastic day, right? It was everything I dreamed it would be and more.

Happy anniversary Honey Bear! 
Thank you so much for making this weekend and the rest of our lives together so special. I love you.


  1. so much love <3 and i like how clothes start disappearing off of you and kiki while dancing lol i do that too!

    1. not even gonna lie, when I'm home alone I play in my undies.

  2. This is super cute Kelly-Anne! Looks like you guys had so much fun! I'm super jealous of your amazing thrifted finds! I can never find things so cute!

    1. I often leave empty handed, but I really lucked out thrifting this weekend!

  3. happy anniversary! looks like you had an awesome day :)) p.s handsome princess is just utterly brilliant! x

    1. THANK YOU! Handsome princess is Clementine's favorite game, but she says that she can only play it with boys.

  4. Congratulations on your anniversary/s! Your family is so adorable!
    It's so nice to see that someone else likes to thrift as much as i do!


  5. i LOVE IT! anniversary for less! proves that it's the people that count <3

  6. You guys did awesome with your op shopping! (Errr, thrifting.) So many bargains!! And that dress you're wearing is absolutely adorable!

    you look amazing!!
    i love great mouse detective
    and i love you
    but the #1 find was that unicorn art :3

  8. Funnily enough the same thing happened to me when I fist met my boyfriend's Mum! I dropped fruit compote on the table and spent the rest of the meal subtly wiping it off the table onto my lap. The things we do,eh?! Looks like you had a fab time :) x

  9. Dont forget about the black velvet wednesday dress! I keep dreaming about it! Perfect find! Miss you more then you know!

  10. Oh I love your dress! You look like such a sweetheart!

    x Jenn.