Sunday, March 18, 2012

St Patrick's day anniversary

Yesterday was mine and Boz's 6 year dating anniversary and our one year wedding anniversary. I was planning on writing a sappy love post for him, but then I started reading my original wedding post from my old blog and thought it was perfect to relive that day by copy-pasting it to share with all of you! I've edited it down a bit, but all of the best parts are here. ENJOY!

I was going to update about the cruise itself first, but I REALLY want to get to the wedding already :3

I'm still glowing over the whole thing. It was a beautiful day full of love, kisses, and butterflies in my stomach.

I woke up on like it was any other day. I was so wrapped up in the cruise that I had forgotten that this was going to be my wedding day. I woke up early (because I'm pregnant and can't seem to sleep past 7am if I try) plopped down in a chair out on our personal deck and started looking at the daily schedule circling what I movies and shows I wanted to see that day.

At some point Jerome (our AMAZING wedding planner) stopped by and dropped of a wedding invitation for Clementine, and an itinerary for what my day was going to look like:

I love the little Cinderella carriage at the top! It looked all glittery and magical in person. The first invitation that was dropped off (on the left) said that I was to be marrying RYAN Boylan, instead of Brendan. I opened it and said "Oooh! I hope he's handsome!"

 I had mentioned my love for strawberries at some point during the wedding planning and Jerome made a point to have a plate of chocolate coverd strawberries delivered to our room everyday of the cruise :3

Once it hit me that 'OHMYGOD! WE'RE GETTING MARRIED TODAY!' the tears started flowing. I got really overwhelmed all of a sudden and was having trouble functioning. I curled back up into bed with Boz and cried at him over all of the silly hormonal feelings I was having. He made it all better. 

I packed a day bag for Clementine, got her all sunscreened up and in her swimsuit, and Boz and I took her too the kids pool to meet my Mom and Dad so they could take her for the day.

after we had Clementine all settled with Granny and Grandpa, Boz walked me up to the salon and waited with me for my appointment. While we were waiting we heard several overhead announcements paging a crew member who hadn't shown up for their shift that day but didn't really think much of it.

When I was called in for my appointment Boz gave me a kiss and headed back to the room to start getting himself ready.

While I was getting my hair done I saw FIVE whales swimming around out the in ocean! I got all giggly every time I saw one, and wished Boz was there with me. As we were finishing up there was another overhead announcement from the captain officially announcing that the crew member who hadn't shown up for shift was considered missing, and that they would be searching everyone's stateroom in hopes of finding her. I asked my stylist if it was normal for crew members to not show up for shift, and he told me that in all of the years he had been working on the Disney wonder nothing like this had happened before. He said that once a girl had a few too many drinks and slept through her shift, but that this felt different.

When I got back to our room it was empty except for my bouquet sitting on our table

When we first got on the ship Jerome told me that there might be a problem with my flowers. Someone got the colors mixed up and dropped off red roses when we had ordered orange, but he was going to do everything he could to make sure we got the right flowers. He said orange was such a lovely choice, and he was going to make sure we got them (LOVE HIM!) I called Boz (who was down in his brothers room drinking whiskey) to come up and see my hair before I got dressed. He came up, told me it was beautiful and called my sister in law  Kiki to come hang out with me while I did my makeup

Kiki took me out onto our deck to take pictures of me after I got my dress on

Around 4pm Jerome came to our room and picked me and Kiki up. He gave me a big smile and told me that I looked beautiful ♥! He walked us through some secret crew member only passage ways so no one in our party would see me before I walked down the aisle.

 Clementine was waiting for me at the top of some stairs that Jerome had me hiding at the bottom of. She called out "LOOK! Look, there's my MOMMY! HI MOMMY! I've got FLOWERS! I'm gonna throw them for YOU!" and I just about burst into tears! She looked so beautiful in her little dress :3

I got to the top of the stairs and heard When You Wish Upon a Star playing on a piano. TEARS! My Dad grabbed my arm and gave me a big hug. It was all a blur for me from there on out...

Kiki walked Clementine down the aisle and Jerome held the door.

Me and my daddy
the little mermaids kiss the girl was playing as I walked 

 we walked down the aisle together as a Disney married couple to a whole new world

my mom made a video for me WHILE she was taking pictures at the same time :)

we went into the room Jerome had walked me through on our way to the wedding so Boz and I could compose ourselves a bit. Clementine immediately started crying for me when I left so my mom brought her back to see me ♥

 Clementine dropped more flowers for us :)

 Our first dance was to beauty and the beast which Boz only agreed to because I told him he could be Belle 

 Clementine wanted to be apart of our dance, and I wouldn't have it any other way!

Boz was a good sport and drank sparkling cider with me for our toast 

then it was cake time!

Boz cut the biggest piece of cake ever

With Lon, the wonderful man who married us! He was seriously so sweet! The captain of the ship was supposed to marry  us, but due to everything that was going on with the missing crew member he couldn't make it.

 Boz brought his grape soda pin that I made him :3

from left to right: My mom, my dad, my grandmother, My brother Tom, my sister in law Cristie, ME, Clementine, Boz, Boz's mom, her boyfriend Pete, Boz's step mom Melody, Pete's son Ian, Boz's brother Sean, Boz's Dad, Melody's Mom and Dad

Clementine kept herself busy while everyone was hanging out with this yellow ball someone brought for her

After we were all done eating cake and drinking champagne (or sparkling cider for me) we all went back inside and walked around the boat taking pictures in our favorite spots

my flowers

 you can kind of see it in this picture, but the back wall of Triton's (my favorite restaurant on the ship) was a HUGE little mermaid mosaic! I loved it so much!

Route 66 on the way to the cadillac bar 

our best supermodel poses

We decided that since everyone in our party owned such nice cameras that we wouldn't need to hire a professional photographer. The majority of these pictures were taken by Kiki and I think she did an AMAZING job. <3

That night Boz and I ate at Palo which is the NICE restaurant on the boat, and I had the best meal of my LIFE! An amazing antipasti, cioppino, lobster ravioli, and tiramisu!!! Ugggh, I want to go back so bad right now.

at Palo

♥ It was such a perfect day. I couldn't have dreamed for anything more. ♥
Thank you so much to all of the wonderful people from the Disney Wonder who made this day so special! 
I will never forget it.


  1. ijaoifjaowiefjaoefj you are too awesome and its nice to have "lived" through this with you since last year! and even before. thank you for sharing it to us on the internet and kind of letting us look into your life a bit! you are amazing and youre family is the cutest too! love you!!! <3

  2. I can't believe it has already been a year since this! I remember tearing up when I first read this post in 2011, it is just too sweet. You write with such authenticity about the day :)

  3. Aw yes, I remember this post. So precious!

  4. oh god I just started crying all over again! your wedding was seriously the most beautiful and magical wedding... ever?! when i'm older and have found a handsome prince of my own i WILL have a disney wedding, and i can only have a little faith, hope and pixie dust that it'll be as awesome as yours. i wish you and boz the happiest of years to come x

  5. I remember reading this last year! Happy anniversary! Clementine has grown up so much this last year. :)

  6. Aww, this is SO sweet. Congrats on the milestone!


  7. i want to re-eat all the food again!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! we need to go on a vacation again together!

  8. How lovely! Thanks for sharing!! That looks like a dream