Monday, April 23, 2012

Our Weekend in Pictures

Boz had another disc golf thing in the city this weekend, so when he got off from work Friday night  I took the kids over to my parents house for the weekend.
I was excited to find that my platform converse had arrived and were waiting for me! They're like walking on pillows! The most comfortable shoes EVER.
we woke up Saturday morning and it was H O T out! I dug around in the closet that I keep at my parents house and was able to find my old maternity swimsuit, so I threw it on and we took the kids to the pool!
I would KILL for Clementine swimsuit in my size. All of her swimsuits, really. She always has the best ones. 
stoked in his life vest!
I had to hold his hand so he wouldn't tip over from the weight of it.

Bowie's first time in a pool :3
Clemmie's first time in the deep end!
She said she was "flying like Buzz Lightyear!" 
the next day Mom took me to walmart so I could buy a proper swimsuit to keep at her house. My maternity one, although cute, kept floating off me in the water.

when we got back from the store BOZ WAS HOME! So he got to come swimming with us too :D
me and my babies
our little family
Mommy's little mermaid :3
Bowie telling stories
it was a WONDERFUL weekend!

Now I'm off to the doctors to get Bowie's scheduled vaccinations! D:


  1. You rock! Your family is gorgeous, and you look AMAZEBALLS, mama!

  2. your family is so precious!! (this is neworleansnightmare from tumblr, btw.) :)

  3. you look so skinny, esp in the picture with clem on your lap! and bowie is such a handsome young boy <3

  4. oh my goodness, I died of cute at the "Bowie telling stories" photo. SO PRECIOUS

  5. the last picture of bowie is AMAZING! he is truly david bowie in that picture. love the glasses mama! oh and hot damn! you are looking fly mamasita but you always do ;D miss and love you!

  6. I want to squish your kiddos they are so cute.

  7. Where did you get those? I think you said in another post, but I didn't find it. I want so bad!

    1. And by those, I meant the shoes!

    2. EBAY! Just search for "platform sneakers" and a bunch of different styles will come up :)