Friday, July 13, 2012

Marina and the Diamonds @ the Fillmore 7/11/2012

Wednesday night I had the pleasure of seeing Marina and the Diamonds preform at the Fillmore in San Francisco with my beautiful sister-in-law KIKI. This was actually our (me, Kiki, Boz, and Tom's) third time seeing her preform in the city, so we knew what we were in for and we were really excited about it. I made Boz set the alarm on his phone for me when I found out she was touring again so I could be one of the first people to get tickets. 
I love her truly madly deeply. 

here's what I wore:

kitty nails
skirt: topshop
socks: DIY
shoes: ebay

I was also wearing one of my big white felt bows in the back of my hair, but failed to get a picture of it :(

Boz was posing like Bowie

snuggle buns

obsessed with this skirt.
I was shinning like a magical (land loving) mermaid.
we stopped for energy drinks on the way there, I'm so used to waiting in the car with the kids while Boz runs into whatever store to get whatever thing that I did just that, even tho I was alone. Waiting in the car is LONELY without the baby nuggs.
we got there early hoping that we would be able to get a spot up front, but the line was already wrapped around the block.

...Mmmm KFC
once inside I met up with my darling internet friends 
ohitsjustcecily tangerinecoloredskies, & xanadujulie!
Julie bought us all matching Marina hair ribbons! SO CUTE! 
I call this my Adele pose, because "I set fire to the rain, watched it pour as I TOUCHED YOUR FACE"
 I don't even have words for how wonderful she was. Like, I knew she was going to be amazing because I had seen her before, but the show was sold out and the energy was amazing. Marina fans are the best fans and they really add to the experience. We made friends with anyone who would talk to us, I sang and danced with strangers, everyone was so friendly and fun.

I had a few people come up to me after the show who recognized me from tumblr!
on the right in that AMAZING pink dress is Jemma ( and her beautiful friend Kim! How awesome are those flower crowns?
me and Julie hiding behind my impromptu paper fan. My face was melting off from all the dancing and jumping around. Bangs were a bad choice.
 We waited around after the show fingers crossed that we would get to meet her this time, and were told that if we waited in a line outside that she would be taking pictures and signing posters for her fans. YES! 

the girls and I waiting with our posters

we waited for what felt like forever, freezing our buns off, but nothing was going to stop us from meeting our lady love!
all of the fans around us were so lovely! I had so much fun talking to everyone and making new friends.

flawless goddess Marina was RIGHT THERE! The cutest person I have ever seen, and she was WEARING MY PANTS!
 After I took this picture for Kiki and Julie is was my turn! I was so excited, but as I walked towards her, feeling like I was going to puke, her handler/security dude jumped in the way PUSHED ME and told her it was time to go. Our new friends standing right behind us managed to snap a quick picture with her before the handlers/security men tossed her in the getaway car and drove off. I was STUNNED! I couldn't believe that had just happened. It was all so quick, and she was right there! I may have had a few too many cocktails, and SHE WAS RIGHT THERE!

I totally cried in front of everyone. 

I was so embarrassed

Malorie, one of the girls who we had met in line, came up and comforted me.  She even gave me the Marina poster that she had signed. I can not tell you how much that meant to me. Like I said before, Marina fans are the best fans. I've never seen so many caring and friendly people in one place. 

the poster given to me by  Malorie, and the Marina ribbon from Julie
It was a WONDERFUL time. Even though I personally didn't get to meet her, the show was FLAWLESS, the drinks were strong, and the friendships I made are priceless. 

It was perfect.


  1. The fact you were that close during/after is AWESOME! I love her so much, and those posters are awesome. I wish she was coming to Atlanta.

    Glad you had a great time!

    1. I KNOW! I'm still glowing from the whole thing. It was absolutely wonderful and she is just the greatest.

  2. Now I really want to go to a Marina concert...I'm obsessed all because of you lady!! :3
    Sadly, the concert in NYC is in august and I'll be in Brazil

    1. if you get the chance to see her when she come around again you MUST! She is SO good live.

  3. Oh my, I die! You look so perfect but I cannot believe you were pushed away when meeting Marina?! I bet she was devastated! I have you to thank for getting me into Marina! And just this morning I booked tickets to see her in Dublin, and I cannot contain my excitement. You rock Kelly, you're a Primadonna Girl xoxo

    1. thank you so much! I had way to much fun getting ready before the show. I love having a reason to get all fluffed up :3

      You could tell the she wanted to meet all of her fans that were waiting for her, I'm guessing that she probably had a flight to catch, or had to get on the road ASAP to make it to the next show.

      I am SO excited that you get to see her! You are going to LOVE IT! Take lots of pictures for me :D

  4. AAH I'M SO JEALOUS! i went too, i'll probably blog about my experience later but OMG i'm so jealous you met her! i left right as the concert ended because i thought meeting her was a VIP thing or a contest or something!! man you're so lucky. and cool that she had your pants! :)

    1. She is so amazing! I've read that she really likes meeting her fans, so I had my heart set on going for it this time. I think we just happened to be in the right place at the right time :D

  5. You look amazing!
    So jealous of you seeing her perform again, am dying to see her but chances of coming to my city in Australia any time soon are pretty slim :(

    1. THANK YOU! I felt like a princess in that skirt. I wish I had a reason to wear it more often.

      You never know! You can sign up for Marina Emails so you'll get notified if she does come near you!

    2. Definitely try and find a reason to wear it! Really suits you!

      Oh awesome! Thanks heaps for the heads up :)

  6. There's always next time Kelly-Anne! You will be able to meet her, I just know it!

    1. I would cross my fingers forever! <3

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