Monday, October 29, 2012

Adventure Time Halloween at the Zoo

our Adventure Time family style Halloween costumes

 Last year right before Halloween Clementine saw the zombie episode of Adventure Time for the first time and fell in LOVE with Science the candy corn rat. As soon as the episode ended she turned to me and said "I wanna be Science for Halloween." I had already made our Toy Story costumes, so I told her that if she still wanted to be Science the next Halloween we would make it happen.

our past Halloween costumes
 So here we are! Halloween 2012! ADVENTURE TIME! 
I chose to be Princess Bubblegum to go with baby girls Science costume. Boz and Bowie were originally going to go as the Ice King and Gunter, but we spend every Halloween weekend at the zoo with the kids and poor Boz is always in some kind of crazy hot/furry costume, and he didn't feel like sweating under a beard this year so he changed to Finn. I was going to make Bowie a Jake costume to go with Boz's Finn, but Bowie is all about "BOT" (BMO and all other robot looking friends) so we went with that instead. 


Boz and I on the drive to the zoo!
we made it!
time to get some sunscreen on these kids and see some animals!
Dancing while we wait for Daddy to get the stroller all packed up
the family all together!
Princess Bubblegum, Finn the human, Science the rat, and baby BMO!

all of our costumes were hand made by me!
including Boz's hat and sword, both of which I am really proud of :3
how darling is my Clementine?
MAYBE it's because we've been watching the Labyrinth on repeat over here lately, but this monkey has got a David Bowie goblin king thing going on with it's hair and I like it!
it wouldn't be Halloween without BATS!
cuddles with wings
the loves of my life
baboon butts
Clemmie and a crocodile
Checking out the giraffes with my boy
baby BMO
we let Bowie run free once we got to the elephants!
The elephants are Bowie's favorite! He was yelling "HI!" at them and making elephant noises while holding his arm in front of his face like a trunk, giggling and dancing.
elephants with Bowie
running around like a wild man
this face <3
my precious
she'll hate me one day for posting this I'm sure, but this is classic Clementine.
little lady.
after we were all exhausted from walking around we stopped at the cafe for ice cream!
I had so much fun being PB for the day!
as we were walking around I kept getting stopped by groups of kids asking to have their picture taken with me. Every time we got stopped Clementine would run over and hug me telling the other kids "This is MY Mommy!" GLOWING.
When we got home and I got everyone comfortable in their jammies snuggled up watching a movie, I started uploading pictures. I posted our group shot on tumblr, went to bed, woke up to 17,000 notes!

TODAY it was reblogged by ADVENTURE TIME!
"Looks like tinytangerines has set the bar kinda high for this year’s Adventure Time Halloween costumes."



  1. You guys looked absolutly FANTASTIC! I wish my family would do something as awesome as this! Maybe someday I can be as cool of a mom as you :3

  2. You are so lucky Boz likes to dress up! Hairy is never really into it, so I don't like to waste time on something that he won't enjoy....! You guys look great!!

    1. YYYESSsss same here.

      KA, you are perfection

  3. "Every time we got stopped Clementine would run over and hug me telling the other kids "This is MY Mommy"

    i die.

  4. BOZ IS SUCH A COOL HUBBY!!! always so down with it!! You two are so lucky you found each other! <333

  5. I always look forward to seeing your Halloween outfits! These are AMAZING, and kudos to you for all hand-made! Bowie is the cutest little BMO ever! :-)

    rachelpan xo

  6. Cutest halloween costumes ever!!!! You did an absolutely amazing job making them! so so so so so adorable <3

  7. cinnamon bun purse!!! so cute!

  8. Love the costumes!!! The pink hair is awesome too!

    Funny, I saw this because Madonna linked to it, but I am actually from Santa Rosa. Small world!

  9. Hey! I just wanted to let you know that this picture of you and your family was on my dash and the person who posted it isn't giving you credit or anything. :/

  10. i love your blog so much. i love bowies face, so cute! update more of this. keep rocking the awesomeness of your life on here. being a mommy is cool again, esp as you are such a great and cool mommy!

  11. You all looked SO fantastic! <3

  12. This is so precious! I love it when parents do things like this with their kids; they'll treasure those pictures! ♥

  13. such an adorable post <3 and adventure time is my favorite!! xoxo

    whimsical accordance

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  15. FOR THE LOVE OF HOLY JESUS, how can i get this baby BMO costume? i just need one for carnaval here in Brazil, please help me!!