Tuesday, October 23, 2012

All work and no play makes Kelly something something...


I meant to update you last night, but my babies had other plans.
So here I am, sleeping Bowie in my lap, netflix on the tv, jello by my side, ready to blog.

So many wonderful things have been going on here since my last update, but I'm just going to start with why I've been gone for so long. I re-did my etsy! Clementine just started preschool, and Bowie is SO hands on (I swear, he is the baby all of the parenting books warn you about. If there is trouble to be gotten into, Bowie is all over it) hooking hats and bows has become impossible for me. There is just no time for it. I wanted to come up with something that I could start when the kids are napping, and if they woke up early for whatever reason I could stop in the middle of my work and pick it up again when I had time.

So I started making hair clips:

poison apples

Luna and Artemis




I am so happy with how everything is turning out, and they've been selling REALLY well, but the best part is that I don't feel completely overwhelmed by it. No custom orders, no deadlines, no counting stitches. Just make them when I have time, make what I want to when I feel like it, lots of time to love on my babies.

I couldn't be happier.