Saturday, December 29, 2012

eBay treasure hunting

ebay treasures!
Treasure treasure treasure!

I've been having so much fun treasure hunting on eBay lately! I only shop the "buy it now" option after having a panic attack waiting for bidding to end on my first proper eBay purchase. SO STRESSFUL!  You can get some really great deals that way, but it's just too much for my soft heart to take. 

Here are some of my recent ~winnings~

Steve Madden SHAZZAM!
When these shoes first came out I wanted them SO. EFFING. BAD. but they were like, $150 and I just couldn't talk myself into spending that much on shoes (oh how times have changed...) and I watched them sell out right before my jealous weeping eyes. As soon as I started getting into eBay I set the notifications to let me know if these shoes ever got listed in my size. Six months later IT HAPPENED and now they are on their way to me for a fraction of the original price! OH HAPPY DAY!

Added bonus: precious angel Marina owns them too!
ohmygosh it took me WAY too long to find this picture! Like I suddenly forgot how to google D:
I ended up finding it in the Marina tag on my tumblr :3
I won a lot of 18 My Little Pony's for my bunny!
I wish I had a video of her face when she saw them.
it's been raining a lot lately and with walking Clementine to school everyday I've been pretty desperate for something to keep me warm and dry... and cuuute
this coat is A M A Z I N G!
It's pink (also comes in three other colors), waterproof, and lined with blanket on the inside!
Minnie Mouse tights

sheer black bow tights
I almost ordered the Minnie tights from Romwe for $15, but I was able to find them on eBay for $3!
Same thing with the bow tights, I almost spent way more for the same item from topshop.

spiky headband 
I was worried when I ordered this because headbands tend to squeeze my head uncomfortably but this one is just right.
I love it so much I plan on ordering it in gold too.
kitty ear hat
this is pretty much my favorite thing ever right now
from when I first got it
with my new shoes from F21
with my BFF Ursula
I love this hat! 
I wear it so much that I ended up buying it in black too, I'm just waiting for it to get here. 

Do you shop eBay
What's the greatest treasure you've ever won? 


  1. Oh my god everything is so cute I'm gonna die

  2. Oh those shoes and that hat! You have impeccable taste!
    I'm such an ebay addict that i don't think i could single out just one treasure as my greatest! But i guess it would be a tie between the Agent Provocateur soft bra and high waisted knicker set i got for almost 80% off the original price or my vintage 80's R2D2 backpack i won for under £10(approx $16 i think?)

  3. oh my gooooooooooooood! so much cuteness for one post!! :D~~~ i was so worried that you were leaving blogspot behind,and so happy to read stuff on it again! they're cute therapy for me.

    I just bought a spike headband yesterday!! i worry about the squeezing too, i have a big, irregular skull (haha), but my friend said it's garterised so i should be ok :3

  4. eBay is basically the only place I shop! haha I got a super awsome vintage Betsey Johnson scoop back dress for $30 one time. It was a good day.

  5. Those glitter shoes are amazing ! I bought once a lookalike from the Mulberry Alexa bag , and I love it ! xoxo

  6. Romwe is suuuuch a rip off, about 90% of their items can be found on eBay with the right key word searching. I'm excited to see you wearing those Minnie tights as I've been on the fence about buying them for a while, it might finally make me decide!

    And I'm so glad you're back on Blogspot <33

  7. Great finds!
    You are too cute!

  8. Your Ursula love makes me so happy! She needs more love!
    I'm a bit of an EBay addict, I just checked how many things I bought on there this this and it's 126 things! Needless to say I buy tonnes of stuff on there (and sell as well, it's so good for wardrobe clearing!)

    Its nice to hear someone else say they worry about the head squeezing (not nice that others get their noggins squeezed though!), I felt like I was the only one who worried about it and must have a weird head or something!

    1. I meant to say how many things I bought on there this year!

  9. They sell those bow stockings at Forever 21. I got a pair in pink, they have other colors too, though.

  10. I LOVE the kitty ear hat!!