Sunday, January 29, 2012

Happy Birthday Boz!

My darling husband is 30 today! 
He is actually out playing in a big disc golf tournament today, so we celebrated by going out to dinner together on Friday, and we will be having all of our friends together for a joint birthday party this coming Friday because my birthday on the 6th! I'll be turning 24 for the fourth time. 24 4.0

Here's what I wore to Boz's birthday dinner:
(I have a bunch of pictures because I found my gorillapod and was excited to use it :3)

up on the kitchen counter, because why not? :)

Daisy Hair Clip: DIY
Dress: Forever 21
Socks: Target
Litas: Nasty Gal

We dropped the kids off at Boz's Mom's house and went out to the 
Occidental Bistro Des Copains
we started with oyster rockefeller

Boz had Daube de Boeuf à la Provençale
(boneless-beef short rib braised in red wine with onions, olives & carrots served in a cocotte)

And I had Ravioli à la betterave
(roasted red beet and redwood hill farm goat cheese ravioli with chard and orange basil butter sauce)

I want to go to there, again.

they were hot ass pink inside

I made Boz a little Ice King plush, and the kids made a card for him.
We split a bottle of Anderson Valley Roederer Estate champagne
and for dessert we had some sort of chocolate amazing, I think it was called Mocha Crème anglaise something but I can't remember. 
 After dinner we walked across the street to the local bar

The bartender didn't know how to make a chocolate martini so she said I couldn't have one and made me pick a drink from a surprise bag. I ended up with a gummy bear. 

my love

 Back at Boz's Mom's house:
Clementine made birthday seashell soup for Daddy

and Bowie was all kinds of adorable
You are my rock and I love you with my everything.

Tuesday, January 24, 2012

What do you think about the stars in the sky - BMO Nail Tutorial

BMO Adventure Time Nails
 So, I'm sure most people who follow me on tumblr know by now, but I love Adventure Time. Princess Bubblegum being so cute actually played a big part in me finally dying my hair pink. 

One of my favorite Adventure Time characters is the most adorable little living video game system, portable electrical outlet, music player, BMO!


so here's a tutorial on how to create a BMO manicure! 

I started with one coat of China Glaze - For Audrey

then I added a square of Sally Hansen - Wet Cement
you could easily do this by creating a frame with scotch tape, but I was too lazy to wait for my first coat to dry enough to tape it off.

then I added my controls in white, because it helps keep the colors bright

here they all are

I went over the white with the colors needed 

then I added a black slot using Sinful Colors nail art!
Sinful Colors nails art detail brush nail polish is the best kind of nail art polish I have found. I've tried the pens (they glob up and dry out super fast), I've tried tooth picks, old liquid eyeliner brushes, paint brushes, EVERYTHING. This stuff is AWESOME and it comes in loads of colors at about $2 a bottle. I only own white and black so far, but I plan on getting more.

I outlined the screen with Sinful Colors nail art 

and face details also with Sinful Colors nail art

last but not least, a clear coat 

Loves them :3

Monday, January 23, 2012

Beauty and the Beast, Candy, 1920's Murder Mystery

Clementine says this is a picture of all her favorite things except daddy is missing
Quick update on what we've been up to lately!
Last weekend my mom and I took Clementine to see Beauty and the Beast in 3D

Clementine wore the Belle dress that Boz and I bought her on our Disney wedding cruise. The first time she ever wore this dress she got sick and threw up (all over me) and to this day whenever she sees it she says "My Belle dress! I spilled :(" and it breaks my heart.

I know this picture is blurry and should probably have been deleted, but how good does my body look here? I try to avoid full body pictures because I'm so insecure, but seeing this made me feel really good. I actually saved it to my feel good folder on my desk top so I can look at it when I'm being hard on myself. 

so excited!

All the kids got these super cute beauty and the beast 3D glasses.

The next day we took the kids to a specialty candy store so Clementine could fill up her little pink candy house that my friend Taylor ( ) sent us

since there were five of us, I had to squeeze my butt in between the kids car seats in back.


like kids in a candy store
Clemmie trying to knock me over.
I bought these cat glasses while we were there:

hero or villain?

kitty Clem

Bow cat

This weekend Boz and I wen to a 1920's murder mystery party

we called ourselves Pinky Noir and Jack "the brain" Dawson
We stumped the host with our blood splatter analysis questions.
it was a lot of fun.

Sunday, January 15, 2012

Petaluma Wildlife Museum

We took the kids to the Petaluma wildlife museum yesterday and had such a good time!

from their webpage:
The Petaluma Wildlife & Natural Science Museum is a non-profit organization which is operated by high school students.

In 1989, Hugh Codding donated the entire Codding Museum inventory to Petaluma High School instructor Ron Head to create an innovative educational program. Ron's dream was to give high school students career and leadership skills through active participation in an environmental education program. The Petaluma Wildlife Museum facility was built in 1940 as a school bus garage. When the Museum's collection outgrew the confines of Ron's classroom portable, the Codding family helped purchase a new bus garage, freeing the old one to be used as a world-class 9000 square foot wildlife museum. Over the next few years, hundreds of volunteers from every corner of the community donated time and money to construct various dioramas representing habitats from across the world. They also built displays to house mineral collections, poaching artifacts, and the large live animal collection. Today, the Museum houses over 50 species of fish, insects, reptiles, amphibians, and mammals. Thousands of people visit the Museum every year where dozens of high school students provide tours and animal education.

turtle twins

is she not the cutest thing ever?

Bowie too

checking out the fishes

just a giraffe head. no big deal.

black and white argentine tegu named Niña

Clementine's favorite game is Polar Bears and Beluga Whales, where Daddy is the polar bear and Clementine is baby beluga. She wanted to take this picture of herself as a baby polar bear to show Daddy.



they had so many stuffed animals that you could touch

the koala bear :(

all the eggs

hippo skull

more taxidermied animals

even more taxidermied animals and Clementine digging for bones

Clem dug up someones jaw bone


watch out for crocodiles

wild bore

stoner bear

Clemmie checking out a pacman frog


Bowie had a good hold on the lid, and when Granny pulled him away he took the lid with him and I had to quickly get it back on before the rosy tarantula got out D:

more taxidermy

Bowie dusting off some bones

Clemmie digging for bones

giraffe head
it was such a fun day, and I can't wait to go back with Boz.