Monday, April 23, 2012

Our Weekend in Pictures

Boz had another disc golf thing in the city this weekend, so when he got off from work Friday night  I took the kids over to my parents house for the weekend.
I was excited to find that my platform converse had arrived and were waiting for me! They're like walking on pillows! The most comfortable shoes EVER.
we woke up Saturday morning and it was H O T out! I dug around in the closet that I keep at my parents house and was able to find my old maternity swimsuit, so I threw it on and we took the kids to the pool!
I would KILL for Clementine swimsuit in my size. All of her swimsuits, really. She always has the best ones. 
stoked in his life vest!
I had to hold his hand so he wouldn't tip over from the weight of it.

Bowie's first time in a pool :3
Clemmie's first time in the deep end!
She said she was "flying like Buzz Lightyear!" 
the next day Mom took me to walmart so I could buy a proper swimsuit to keep at her house. My maternity one, although cute, kept floating off me in the water.

when we got back from the store BOZ WAS HOME! So he got to come swimming with us too :D
me and my babies
our little family
Mommy's little mermaid :3
Bowie telling stories
it was a WONDERFUL weekend!

Now I'm off to the doctors to get Bowie's scheduled vaccinations! D:

Tuesday, April 17, 2012

What I Wore - the bigger the flower the closer to Glob

the bigger the flower the closer to Glob

I'm a rainbow sherbet head
the tallest of them all
big ass hair flower - DIY
butter yellow sheer polka dot top - thrifted
furry leopard print coat - forever21
black skinny jeans - Old Navy
peep-toe oxford platforms - Urban Outfitters

Boz and I went to a house party this weekend for one of his buddies birthday. My mom picked up the kids for me around 11am so I had the house to myself pretty much all day! I spent a few hours beating Dance Central 2 on easy and most of medium, then I took a loooooong uninterrupted shower which is a huge luxury when you have kids. Heaven.

The party was fun! We played kings cup with the dancing rule which is pretty much my favorite thing ever. There's a bunch of cards around a cup and each card means you have to do something something different, but my favorite card to pull is the FIVE! If you pull a FIVE you have to dance! You do a dance, then the next person has to do your dance and add on their own dance, then the next person does your dance plus the second persons dance and adds their own. It keeps building with each person and it's SO much fun. 

I added a video of myself at the end doing a full round of Kings Cup dancing. I edited out everyone else because I'm okay with embarrassing myself, but I'd feel weird posting my friends without them knowing :)

all three kids waiting for grandma
drinking games and good times
this ridiculous shot glass was a party ender for a few brave men
and a good laugh for a few smart ladies :)

Monday, April 16, 2012

put a bird on it!

pink and gold bird nails
My nails are sinful colors "beautiful girl" (pink) and sinful colors "gold glitter" with a bird drawn in black sharpie on my thumbs plus NYC "extra shiny top coat" to finish them off.

it doesn't really show in this picture, but this dress is actually a really pretty pale pink color. Its made from a super breezy cotton fabric and IT HAS POCKETS! I'm going to wear this dress to death all summer and I can't wait. It's the perfect warm weather dress.

Boz bought it for me from

here's a crappy webcam pic of the whole dress
you can see the pink better in this picture

Tuesday, April 10, 2012

DIY Lace Top Socks

DIY lace top socks
I've been on the hunt for lace top socks for a few weeks now and couldn't find any I was 100% happy with, and then Boz was like "Why don't you make your own?" 

so here's how I went about it
socks and lace of your choosing
(I bought a bunch of socks in different pastel colors that I'll be adding lace to also)
needle, thread, & pins
I pulled my socks up as high as I could to the largest part of my leg, then wrapped the lace around pinning it in place  so the seam would be on the back of the sock..
I carefully stitched the lace in place with the socks on so I knew they would fit when I wear them. If you use stretchy lace and some kind of elastic thread you could probably take the socks off with sewing the lace on... Hell, there's probably an easier way to do this without that stuff, I don't know. This seemed like the best way for me to tackle my stitches at the time, and it worked, so whatever. :)
after I stitched the lace all the way around I pinned my ends together so the turned in towards my socks and stitched them together.

Saturday, April 7, 2012

Fitness Friday

70 lbs lost 9 months postpartum
A quick post while I'm waiting for my dad to wake up so I can hit the gym. 

I haven't been keeping up with weekly Fitness Friday posts because I don't want my weight loss to define me. I like keeping track of my progress though, so I'm only going to post about it every few months or if I have something big to blog about.

I'm a little below my pre-pregnancy weight now, but not at my lowest weight yet. I'm feeling strong and confident about my body. I'm comfortable in my skin and all of my old clothes fit me again. 

Clementine was talking to me and I didn't realize I had pushed the picture button, but HOLY FLATTERING ANGLE BATMAN! Would it be weird if I just stood like this for the rest of my life? 
and an old picture for comparison 
one month postpartum

Thursday, April 5, 2012

Here comes Patricia cottontail - Easter nails

Here comes Patricia cottontail hopping on to Kelly's nails...
Two days ago I painted my nails with Sinful Colors "nail junkie" (which I personally think should be renamed "Mermaid Glitter") and I was all excited about them until I was reminded that THIS SUNDAY is Easter, and Clementine would be pretty disappointed in me if I didn't do pink bunny nails.

I started with alternating colors China Glaze "for Audrey" and Sinful Colors "beautiful girl"
I added small white polka dots to my "beautiful girl" nails
then I had a slight laps in judgement and went a little ham on the details
when I remembered that I have two small children who could wake up any minute I removed my tiny bunnies frolicking through flowers and opted  for larger buns by painting half circles at my tips...
then adding cutie bun ears
using "beautiful girl" again I gave my buns pink cheeks and ears
with sinful colors nail art in black I gave her eyes, eyelashes, a nose, and then I outlined the whole head because I obviously hate myself.
added a flower because cute.
finished the rest of my buns and added a clear coat