Friday, August 31, 2012


real tears
My darling husband got me an ipod touch last weekend! I've been having SO much fun with it, it's kind of unreal. Taking low res pictures of random everyday events and adding little sparkles and cuteness to them is my new favorite thing. 
Glob bless instagram.

I've been super into taking outfit pictures lately since photo apps make splicing pictures together so quick and simple. 

Here's what I've been wearing this week:

Cat dress: Nasty gal
cat flats: boohoo
sunnies: urrbanoutfitters
thigh high socks: target
ghost hair clips:  DIY (should have some listed in my etsy tonight)
outfit in action + flannel because it was effing COLD out
Luna & Artemis hair clips:   DIY (should have some listed in my etsy tonight)
sheer polka dot sleeveless top: marshalls
black tank: target
lavender shorts: forever 21
platform converse: ebay
sunnies: urrbanoutfitters
faux leather jacker: forever21
tooth shirt: Christmas gift from Tom & KIKI
black skinny jeans: miley max clothing
cat flats: boohoo 
Luna & Artemis hair clips:   DIY (should have some listed in my etsy tonight) 
Strawberry ring: gift from TWINKIE CHAN 
bow headband: target
chococat watch: mcdonalds happy meal
owl purse: ebay
flannel: forever21
black tank: target
jeans: marshalls
sequin flats: target
I got some new tights from romwe
star headband: DIY
lavender cardigan: target
striped onsie: forever21
black skirt: forever21
socks: target
cat flats: boohoo 
I made a bunch of these headbands, I wore the gold one when I got married.
lacey tank top: vintage
heart shorts: modcloth
hair details
it's like a sock bun, but bigger because I used a legwarmer instead
(I didn't want to cut the toes off of my precious socks!)

Thursday, August 16, 2012

Wizard of OZ realness

what I wore to the fair
"Phoebe" Blue Gingham Cutout Bust Detail Sundress by Dahlia
daisy hair clippies
unicorn rainbow pin

I had this dress hanging by my dresser for over a month before I finally wore it. I wanted it to be PERFECT, and I knew the fair was the place to let it shine. I wanted to play on the obvious Dorothy feel this dress has so I paired it with my favorite red glitter nail polish and rainbow pin.

DRESS: Dahlia
SOCKS: Target
SHOES: Urban Outfitters
SUNGLASSES: Urban Outfitters
NAIL POLISH: Milani Jewel FX Nail Lacquer
UNICORN PIN: birthday gift from Tom & Kiki

Monday, August 13, 2012


A photo strip of us at the fair every year we've gone
(we only missed one year)
It's that time of year again! THE FAIR! Oh how I love the fair. It's such a happy place for me, full of fun rides, games, interesting people, sweet treats and ANIMALS!

my handsome man and our darling daughter waiting for me to pack up Bowie-bear and the stroller
We like to hit the photobooths first thing when we get to the fair before we get all sweaty
waiting for our strips to print
next it was time for rides!
Clementine freaked out when she saw this one because it was "JUST like the DUMBO ride!"
baby bunny in her mini canoe 
we took turns taking Clemmie on the big girl rides
Papa bear waiting with Bowie for his turn 
waiting for my turn
hands up!
then we took a walk through the HALL OF FLOWERS
so in love with my Dahlia dress!
it was a water theme this year so there were all of these wood carved fish and mermaids everywhere.
then it was time for lunch!
when we decided to go to the fair Boz did some reading to figure out what the best food this year was, and the internet said SONORAN DOGS so that's what we chose.
A newcomer to the fair, Lisa Thompson and her sister, Debra White, both of Santa Rosa, won the judges' hearts with a hot dog wrapped in bacon, topped with pinto beans, grilled onions, mustard and mayo. The kicker is a sweet Mexican roll specially made by Santa Rosa's La Reyna Bakery.
french fry smiles
"smile pretty, baby!"
after lunch we went to the kids play area
Clementine got to be in a pirate show

one of the tasks the kids had as pirate helpers was to find all of the rats on the ship and throw them overboard, but Clementine felt bad for them so she jumped ship to save them all :3
proud parents
only a promise of of the petting zoo could pull Clementine away from all of the amazing toys in the play area
ohmygod tiny pigs!

ohmygod ohmygod

heaven tbh
I guess there were other animals there too, but so what whatever. ;)
Kiki told me to eat some funnel cake for her, so in the spirit of being a good friend I agreed. I was  giggling about all of the powdered sugar on Clemmie's face when Boz turned the camera on me to prove that Clemmie wasn't the only messy eater.
we saved the carousel for last
I couldn't believe our luck when I saw that there was a bunny and a bear right next to each other, since those are our nicknames for Clem and Bow. 

right next to the photobooths they also do old timey photos and I've ALWAYS wanted to have one done...

how perfect is this?!
I am SO pleased
 such a wonderful day! 
I can't wait to do it all again next year!