Monday, May 13, 2013

MaxStar Review

Maxstar C50 5-Holes Platform Boat Sneakers
What an amazing couple of weeks I've had! I have so many wonderful things to blog about and share with you that I'm having trouble focusing! I'm just TOO excited!

First thing first, as I'm sure a lot of you know already, I am a BIG fan of MaxStar shoes! I already own their Double Platform Sneakers in white and I wear them ALL THE TIME! I've been thinking for a while about buying a second pair (before I eventually wear my double platforms to death) but they have so many wonderful styles I was having a hard time choosing. I ended up just visiting their webstore every few days just looking at everything over and over again. Obsessed. Eventually I saw their "be a reviewer" section and thought "I CAN DO THAT? THAT'S A THING?!" 

I've been asked by companies in the past to review their products on my various social networking sites, but I always felt weird about it and would end up turning them down. I worried that it would feel forced. I would never blog about something I wasn't 100% excited about. Nothing feels weird about the idea of reviewing for MaxStar. I actually feel super lucky and excited that I get the chance to work with this company and share their wonderful products with you!
Within just a few short days of emailing maxstar with my shoe choice FedEx was knocking on my door ready to hand over my new shoe babies!

they came in this really cute shoe bag that I plan on keeping to help keep my clothes clean in my suitcase when I pack for our mini vacation this summer! (I already have so many outfit ideas for these shoes! They're coming with me everywhere!)

Maxstar C50 5-Holes Platform Boat Sneakers
I've been looking for a a cute pair of white keds type sneakers to wear with all of my spring outfits, but being a short girl with a tall husband, I personally prefer my shoes to be a little more chunky and feel strange in flats. Adding that little extra platform to the bottoms of these adorable shoes is just PERFECT for me! They're still really simple with a platform of only 4.5cm, but it gives me that little extra lift that makes me feel comfortable, confident and cute! 

The platform is all rubber so I don't have to worry about them wearing down from daily use like some foam platforms do, and they're REALLY comfortable!

It so hard to take a cute picture of your own feet! Who knew?!
Clementine came in while I was taking these pictures and she was like "I KNEW you were going to choose those shoes! I love them. Can I take a picture too?"
she likes to sleep in my old band tees :3
I love these shoes! is really easy to navigate (I could spend hours just looking at everything and making endless wishlists) the customer service is excellent and the shipping is super fast! My new Platform Boat Sneakers and my old Double Platform Sneakers are both incredibly comfortable and are great quality! I've had my Double Platform Sneakers for almost two years now. I've worn them to many concerts, events, and just running around with my kids and they've held up great! 

Maxstar store gave me a coupon code to share with all of my wonderful readers!
use coupon code: Tiny 
to save 10% off your order from now until June-20-2013


  1. I'm so upset that my feet are too big for their shoes! I'm an US women's 8.5 to a 9, and those shoes you got just recently are absolutely adorable, but they don't have my size :(

    ps - I've been reading your blog every now and then for a while without commenting, I love it! Please don't stop posting!

  2. These shoes are really cute!!!
    PS I made your little starfish hair clip from your tutorial a while back and I love it!! It is so cute!! I even blogged about it today!! :) xo

  3. wow they are so pretty!! xoxo Axelle

  4. Ahhhh, I love those so so so so much!!! <3

  5. I cannot get over how precious that picture with Clementine is! I'm slightly obsessed with that socks and tights combination - genius! xo

  6. These are amazing! I was going to buy a converse style pair but I think I've changed my mind!
    Rachael x
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