Monday, July 22, 2013

We Love Sourpuss Clothing

If you don't already know, Sourpuss Clothing is an all in one shop for all of your retro inspired clothing, accessories, and homeware needs! They've got cuteness for the whole family. Clementine and I were lucky enough to be contacted by Sourpuss asking if we'd like to review some of their Mother/Daughter clothing, and we jumped at the chance. 

Sourpuss Berry Cute Kids cardiganSourpuss Berry Cute Gingham Dress
I mean how cute can you get? Matching Mother/Daughter adorableness AND strawberries? I'm all about it.

Look at the details of Clemmie's cardigan. It's perfect. The quality is great, the fabric is that perfect inbetween thickness where it's thick enough to keep you nice and warm but not so thick that it feels bulky. They even added little strawberry blossoms to the strawberry patches! Strawberry blossoms are one of my favorite flowers. 

We love the little bows on the sleeves and the jewel buttons! When I first showed the cardigan to Clementine she lost her mind of the buttons: "THEY'RE LIKE REAL TREASURE!" so cute.

The rickrack detailing on my dress is precious! I love a good use of rickrack.

I'm sure a lot of you know this already, but gingham is my favorite summer print!

strawberry patch to match my baby girl's sweater, and more rickrack trim!
Clementine and I were so thrilled and inspired by our new treasures that we even did our nails to match:

I did strawberries with gingham to match my dress

and we added a few extra prints for Clementine because she likes her nails extra fun!

all dressed up and ready for a family day at the park!
Mommy's little poser
she kills me
she was so excited! She told everyone we walked past about how we were going to the park for a fashion show! ;u;
Mother Daughter retro strawberry realness!
a wild Bowie appears

Clemmie kisses

there's smocking in the back of the dress to give a custom fit for every body!

Thank you so much to Sourpuss clothing for giving us the chance to show off your beautiful clothes! We absolutely ADORE them and everything else at Sourpuss Clothing.

Here's some of the other stuff we love from

Sourpuss Clothing Clementine

Sourpuss Clothing


  1. so cute! i showed boyfriend a pic of clem wearing her cardi, and said to him "guess who this tiny human belongs to?". he nailed it.

    1. She's a posing QUEEN! She seriously loves taking ~luscious fashion~ pictures so much! She cracks me up.

  2. oh my goodness, you two are supermodels! Clem looks like a real superstar!

    Love Sourpuss clothing xxx

    1. She is such a ham! You would think she had won the baby lottery when I asked her if she would want to do some modeling for a clothing company. She was absolutely GLOWING the whole time we were getting ready and taking pictures. What a wonderful experience.

  3. You have SUCH AN ADORABLE little peanut!!! I love your matching outfits so so much. You're such an awesome mama!

  4. So so adorable! Clem's sweater is PRECIOUS and she looks perfect modeling it.
    Love that you got to do the fun little shoot together. :)

  5. You two are so adorable!! I love that little cardigan (+ all her adorable poses!!) and your dress is so beautiful!!

  6. Adorable, as always! I'm so happy you guys like Sourpuss, they've one of my all-time favourites! We've probably made fifteen orders from them in the last few years! :D

  7. Forget the dress, what about those shoes? Babin'.

  8. All the gorgeousness, I die.
    Also, Gefus, I should take posing lessons from Clem.

  9. Oh my gosh how adorable!!! I am MELTING on how good of a poser Clementine is!!!

  10. I love the dress and Clementine is sooo cute!

  11. Ahw Clementine is adorable & you look gorgeous in that dress!

    Kisses from Belgium,

    xoxo Axelle

  12. I just found your blog and I am totally in love with it! Your family is so adorable & you are too. You're an inspiration! ^-^

    hugs, matilda

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